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Grafting / Growth Factors

Is grafting required for dental implants? What involves with grafting?

Missing a tooth or teeth can lead to also losing bone and gum tissue. As a result, bone or gum grafting may be required. Good news though! Often, grafting can be completed at the same time (as in same appointment) as your dental implant procedure.

What is involved in grafting and does it hurt? Every patient is different and every mouth is different. For most grafting cases, we use PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) Technology that expediates healing, reduces post-operative discomfort, and increases success of surgery. Dr. Chung has been using PRF since 2011 and this technology allows using autologous (as in your own cells) growth factors to essentially super-charge healing for our patients. PRF involves taking a small blood sample (your own) on the day of the implant procedure and using your own white blood cells to make grafting more successful.

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