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Dental Implants were first clinically placed in 1965 by Professor Branemark in Sweden.

What is a dental implant?  A dental implant replaces the root of your tooth and can be thought of an anchor for either a single tooth, multiple teeth or even a full set of teeth.

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Wisdom Teeth

Have you been told that you need your wisdom teeth?  Have you been putting off having your wisdom teeth removed due to FEAR?

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Grafting/Growth Factors

Is grafting required for dental implants?  What involves with grafting?

Missing a tooth or teeth can lead to also losing bone and gum tissue.  As a result, bone or gum grafting may be required.  Good news though!  Often (but not every time), grafting can be completed at the same time (as in same appointment) as your dental implant procedure.

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IV Sedation

Have you been putting off your dental implant procedure or wisdom teeth removal due to FEAR?

At Kamloops Dental and Implant Solutions, IV sedation is always an OPTION for OUR PATIENTS.  Most of our patients remember almost nothing of the appointment and are surprised by how fast the procedure was.

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